Sweet Orange Functional Fragrance

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Best smelling oil in existence.

Sweet Orange essential oil is like bottled sunshine. It’s like a puppy who never becomes a dog, a baby who doesn’t cry, a chocolate cake that’s both rich and healthy. Basically, you want this oil around at all times. It calms the mood and lifts the spirit, and we think it smells like happiness.


We’ve pre-diluted this organic orange essential oil in organic sunflower oil so that you can carry it with you and easily apply whenever you need to turn that frown upside down. Try it on a rainy day and just see if you don’t go full Gene Kelly.  Read even more about our new line of Functional Fragrances right here.

made simply with only

Sweet Orange

Sunflower Oil

Apply this skin-safe orange and sunflower oil blend behind the ears as a joy-inducing functional fragrance.

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